Pimping Your Ride to Maintain Resale Value

Customers bring their cars into Malibu’s for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes there is a problem to be solved, other times they just want to upgrade the appearance or technology. If you currently own a car that you intend to sell in the next few years, there are some things you can do to help protect, or improve the car’s resale value.


Keep up with the regular maintenance, especially simple things like oil changes, tuneups and tire rotation. These simple steps minimize the wear and tear on your vehicle and keep it in better shape. While Malibu’s is not a traditional service station, we can do some maintenance tasks while your vehicle is in for repair, or upgrade. Ask about our pricing when you drop off your ride.


Washing and waxing are good first steps toward maintaining your car’s appearance, but a regular detailing, done by professionals can keep it show room ready. We specialize in hand detailing and can schedule a regular scrub down for your car or truck to keep it in top condition.


We encourage customization, the more the better, but in cases where a vehicle’s value may be decreased, there are some things to be aware of. Not everyone will agree about what is “cool”. If the next owner is looking for a monster truck, then by all means lift it higher. One thing that we focus on is the, “Can we put it back” factor. Our technicians work hard to make your customizations in such a way that the car can be restored to factory condition, or as you brought it to us, by minimizing changes to your existing parts, such as dashboards and door panels.


One thing that all car owners value is a “like new” look and feel. By adding interior upgrades, such as leather seat covers and heavy duty custom floor mats you can help to maintain that “new car” feeling. On the outside, clear films on the front of your car and other details can help to prevent road damage. Ask us about the many products we sell to help keep your car looking and working its best.

Summing Up

So, if you are concerned about the resale value, please mention this to us before we cut the giant holes to install your sound system, there may be a way to get what you want and make our changes reversible. Pick upgrades that add universal value, such as window tint, or making sure the stereo functions well. Then do your customization wisely, to prevent creating a one-of-a-kind monster that no one else may want. (unless you intend to keep it forever, then let’s get to cutting this bad boy down to size)



So, Who is This Greg Rushing Guy?

Have you ever met someone with an old soul? You know, the guy who never acted like a kid, even when he was one? Greg Rushing is the opposite of “that guy”. With a warm smile and a contagious brand of energy, Greg exudes enthusiasm and confidence. And, let’s just say the name “Rushing” really suits him to a T.

On any given day you are likely to find him manning the counter, and answering phones at Malibu’s Auto Accessories, one of four businesses that Rushing runs. In addition to the retail audio side, he also sells pre-owned cars and motorcycles under the Malibu brand, is partners in a new landscape company, called Rushing Design Group (which, by the way, will be one of the featured gardens at this years Oklahoma City Home and Garden Show) and manages and sells residential real estate.

Watching him work, you get the impression that if he ever slows down, he passes out, like a toddler crashing from a sugar high. His high energy brand of success is born out of hard work and a desire to earn the trust of his customers.

“When someone trusts me with their car, that is the ultimate payoff. When they bring me their “baby” and leave it with me, and trust me to tear it apart and put it back together better than before, that is a great feeling. And, knowing we can do it better than anybody else, is the icing on the cake.”

Rushing studied business at Oklahoma City University, earning his bachelor’s on a full ride golf scholarship. His entrepreneurial aspirations have only grown since. He strives to keep his company on the cutting edge of automotive technology, and hires only the best when it comes to technical expertise. They are one of only a handful of shops nationwide that do fully integrated Ipad to auto installs that look like they rolled off the showroom floor.

When asked about his favorite auto, the answer came quick. “The Accura NSX. They’re not making them anymore, but it is my favorite. They are coming out with a hybrid in 2013. I am pretty excited to see that.” He was quick to add, “We do a lot of trucks too, my favorite truck is a Toyota Tundra.”  When asked if he was saving up for the new NSX, his response was “I don’t make that kind of money.” but the smile in his voice left me wondering.

Malibu’s Auto Acessories can be found on 4th Street in Moore Oklahoma just one block East of I35! Stop in and see Greg sometime. He loves to make new friends.

Fall in Love With Your Car Again!

We love new cars as much as the next guy, but we understand the temptation to go further into debt as the New Year rolls around, just to get that “just right” feeling when you slide behind the wheel. While we are not opposed to tricking out brand new rides, we have a few suggestions that can help keep you off of the car lot, and keep more money in your pocket. True, your ride may be feeling a little run down, but you loved her once, maybe a few upgrades can help rekindle that romance!


The outside of a car is sometimes the first thing to show the wear and tear of life on the road. Sometimes all it takes is a little good old fashioned elbow grease to get your car back to “like new”. Stop in for a detailing, including buffing to perfection and installing some clear films to protect those sensitive areas. Every girl likes jewelry (and we know cars are women, because they make us happy) so, think about a little extra chrome, or some striping to finish the effect. Go big with new rims for the ultimate in “new looks”.

Upgrade Your Tech

Yes, the new models have things you couldn’t afford last time, but we can install many things after market. For instance, we can do: navigation, backup cameras, window tint, new entertainment systems, headrest video screens, leather seating, heated seating, remote start, and security systems.

Bigger is Better

For truck drivers, or anybody who wants that “bad boy” look, a lift kit may be your answer. It allows you to install larger rims for more drama, and gets you up off the road for a completely new feel. We install several types of lifts. Right now, we are offering a special on our Ready-Lift kits. Get the lift and a new set of tires for the price of a traditional lift!

Work Harder

Trucks have increased in popularity in the last few years. With today’s luxury trucks, not only can you play and work hard, you can also arrive in style, but even a sexy truck can serve utilitarian purposes. The bed is the place to start. We offer over a half dozen brands and varieties of bed liner and bed cover, from carpet liners to spray in hard shells. Add a slide out to your bed for cargo space you don’t have to crawl inside of to unload. (keeps your good clothes neat, while hauling a boatload of stuff!)

So, if these ideas don’t get your creative juices flowing, just roll on in and let us take a look. Our technicians are also artists when it comes to vehicle improvements and upgrades, if we can’t help you fall back in love with your car, nobody can.

If you’re just not happy, talk to us about how you can get into a ride that better suits you!

Christmas Road Trip! The Malibu’s Survival Guide!

Over the river and through the woods has never been as easy or comfortable as it is these days. Let’s face it, we American’s love comfort, and nobody does it better than Malibu’s! As we were thinking about what we could add to your Holiday experience, it occurred to us that many of you will be traveling by car, whether to save money, or to avoid the strip searches at the airports! So, we put together a list of tips for Holiday road trips! Have a merry Christmas, and stop by on your way out of town for all those last minute upgrades to make your trip more enjoyable!


Whether its a new car stereo, a new set of rims, or a complete cosmetic overhaul, we never do anything without a plan here at Malibu’s! When you get ready to head out of town, you’ll need a plan as well Let us help. We have navigation systems that do away with map folding, or reading the sucker upside down! They can even stop the arguing over when the next stop will be. Simply program your trip in with scheduled stops, and hit the road!


We know your families safety is of primary concern to you, it is ours too! Check your tires, fluids, hoses and belts before heading out. Need new tires? We have got you covered with several of the best brands available. We specialize in tires for custom rims, so, even if you’re hard to fit, we have solutions!


Oklahoma gets cold from time to time, but depending on where your travels take you, you may be experiencing bitter cold weather! We have heated seat covers that can be installed in no time, or check out remote start starting at $199 and keyless entries from $99, designed to get your car warm and get you in quickly to prevent the winter chill from setting in!


As most of you know, this is our specialty! From audio to full multimedia systems, we do it all for the kids in your car, or the kid in you! Specials this month include 10% off on all Kicker products for our Facebook fans, a buy one get one half off on Kicker powered subs, and discounts on great brands like Probox! Want to give your kids an early present? How about headrest video screens? They are built to fit your vehicle and provide hours of entertainment!


You know you can’t show up empty handed, and we have something for everybody! Come pick from our $99 wall to bring the gift of Malibu’s to those far off places! As our gift to you, one lucky fan will win a $50 gift certificate by entering our Facebook Best of Christmas contest, so enter today! http://ow.ly/7Zb8C

Need Car Lover Gifts? We Can Help!

Type of Driver

What type of driver is your intended receiver?

Road Warrior-sales or service, in the car daily for long periods, think comfort and practicality. Seat covers, or a navigation system are great ideas.

Sport Driver-chooses car and drives for visual impact. Anything that makes the experience more fun. A stereo system upgrade, lift kit, or other performance enhancement is good for this driver.

Soccer Mom-mom’s taxi service. Think entertainment value, safety and vehicle protection. Headrest video screens from Myron and Davis http://www.myronanddavis.com/products.html , a backup camera system, or custom heavy duty protective seat covers and floor mats are ideal.

Price Range

For shoppers on a budget, come check out the $99 wall at Malibu’s featuring lots of great items, including keyless entry, starting at $99 (including install)

In the mid range we are featuring a remote starting system at $199, installed!

For the really big gift, why not consider a Ready-Lift lift kit? This kit is perfect for truck drivers, and comes with free tires for the price of a traditional lift!

Consider the Impact

What will mean the most to the driver in your life? Is he or she always complaining about sun in their eyes? Have us install a visor strip along the top of the windshield. Maybe you are buying for a neat freak, that can’t stand the idea of winter snow and ice on their interior, look into katzkins leather seat covers http://www.katzkin.com/ , or custom floor mats. For the true car lover, consider Xpel paint protection films! http://xpel.com/

Match the style

When giving gifts it is important to remember the tastes of the receiver. Choose your items to match the vehicle and style of the driver. This one is easy, we can help! Snap a few photos, or bring your favorites with you and we can help you select the perfect gifts for the car lovers in your life.

Presentation is everything

When it comes to gift giving, the surprise is everything. It may be hard to make that a reality in some cases. Here are some ideas!

  1. Buy a gift card for the amount and put it in a card with an appointment time to have the work done.

  2. For simple items like seat covers, deliver the gift and let the receiver install.

  3. (this one is our favorite) Take the vehicle, let them think it was stolen, get the work done, and return it. (yeah, we know, lots of issues with this approach)

    Whatever method you choose, use Malibu’s for all your car gifts this season. We promise, we will make giving just as much fun as getting, if not more!

“Big Idea” Gifts From Malibu’s!

The best gifts are not about the thing that’s given, they are about the feeling they create. To choose a perfect gift, try thinking of the response you want and choose something that creates that feeling for the recipient. At Malibu’s we do cars, but cars are about so much more. Here are some “big ideas” for gift giving this Christmas!


Music is one of the greatest joys in life. No matter what your intended receiver’s style of music, let Malibu’s help you create the perfect entertainment system for the next best thing to being their live! Whether we are working to upgrade an existing system, or replacing a factory system with custom gear, we create each sound solution specifically for the client and vehicle to get the best results. If your somebody already has a great system, talk to us about what can be added to make it even better!


Everybody likes a little something extra. At Malibu’s we have lots of options for creating that little extra luxury for your car. Check out our entertainment systems featuring built in video screens. Not only does it create an in-car theater experience like no other, it also helps to keep the kids happy on those long family road trips, and what could be more luxurious than that. No kids? Take a look at our huge selection of interior add-ons, from specialty lighting to custom floor mats, seat covers and dash mats.


When it comes to winter, the worst part of driving is “cold car syndrome”. Two of our products can take care of that forever! When you have remote start installed, cold morning drives are a thing of the past. Start the car for a warmup from the breakfast table, while you finish your coffee. Add seat warmers for that extra touch of warmth. We can install everything we sell and would love to have yours ready for Christmas!


While it is not anyone’s favorite topic when it comes to cars, safety is an important factor. Malibu’s can handle all your auto safety needs, from security to navigation to high tech lighting. We carry a full range of high end security systems ready to install. When it comes to navigation we have the best selection in town and a knowledgeable staff to help with the user experience. High tech lighting improves your visibility, as well as making you more visible. Ask us about options. We also sell other safety items, including back up cameras.


When you think of customization, the look is the thing most people are concerned with. We carry everything you need to dress up any vehicle, from pickup trucks to luxury cars. Start with a set of rims that match your style, move on to custom bumpers and chrome, window tinting and details like striping. We can turn your average car into a rocking machine in no time.

So, stop in and see us for gifts that give that special someone a good feeling that will last them all year long, and will be remembered on every drive throughout the year!

Hot Accesories to Warm Up Cold Winter Drives!

Cold is coming! There is no way around it, only through it. Most drivers dread the winter months, riding in a cold car, dealing with wet or icy roads, the risk of mechanical breakdowns, road closures, the list goes on. Here are a few goodies that Malibu’s has to offer that can help reduce the bite of cold winter winds!

Window Tint

Typically thought of as a Summer item, Window tint not only helps to reduce glare during those brutal hours of direct sunlight and blinding snow, but it also keeps your interior in great condition. Most of us don’t think about putting up our windshield covers during Winter months, since heat is not an issue, but the damaging UV rays are still effecting your dash, seats and door panels. Have us give you a quote today and start seeing the difference right away!

Heated Seats

The only thing worse than cold fingers is a cold butt! Nobody likes it. We can install heated seats in most vehicles, taking the kick out of those early mornings when the heater just never seems to get started until you are half way to work. With radiant heat coming up from your seat, you can drive in comfort.


Whether you are looking for a way around that icy slope, or have taken a wrong turn and need to get back on track, a navigation system is a must have for Winter driving, especially when the weather turns treacherous. Being able to quickly navigate a safe route can mean the difference between getting their a few minutes late and an hours long wait for a tow truck.

Custom Floor Mats

Your carpets will thank you when you have us fit one of our custom floor mat systems for your car. They feature heavy duty vinyl mats with turned up “tray” edges to contain all that slush and keep it off of your beautiful floors. These are especially good for drivers who make more than one stop. You never know when you may have to walk through unshoveled snow to reach your destination, and spending extra time to clean your shoes in the cold is anything but fun. Install these and stop worrying!

Remote Start

This one is the ultimate. It takes all the drama out of cold mornings. Start the car a few minutes early, allow the ice and snow to melt away, your heater to warm up and your idle to smooth out while you enjoy an extra cup of morning coffee, instead of slogging out to a cold car and back in wait for it to warm up. Buy a remote start system and never put your coat on more than once in the morning again!